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When Do Private Practice Therapists See Patients?

When Do Private Practice Therapists See Patients?
June 17, 2019 / By medadmin

When Do Private Practice Therapists See Patients?


The nice thing about a therapist owning his or her own practice is they get to set the rules. Rather than sticking to a standard of hours they are available to see clients, a therapist can choose to see someone when they want to or when they need to. If you are a patient who needs to see a therapist after business hours, chances are you can find a private practice counselor to see.

What Are Typical Business Hours for Therapists?

Just like many other professions, a therapist’s typical business hours are nine to five, eight to four or another time similar to those. Other therapists may choose to start earlier in the morning to accommodate clients who need a visit before heading to work themselves. Others may begin later in the morning and go until later in the evening to accommodate clients who need a visit after their own job is finished for the day.

What Are Considered After Hours Visits?

A visit outside the scope of the therapist’s typical business hours would be considered after hours. For example, if a counselor sees patients beginning at nine in the morning, and closes his or her doors at five that evening, someone who wants an appointment at seven o’clock in the morning or the evening would be asking for an after-hours visit.

Do Many Therapists See Patients After Hours?

There are a lot of therapists who welcome after-hours visits. They understand their clients have lives outside of therapy and may need to schedule an appointment in the morning, the evening or on a weekend. Some therapists even go so far as to give out an emergency phone number so if a client runs into a situation they are unable to manage, they can call the therapist to set up a last-minute visit.

Do Therapists Charge More for After Hours Visits?

Additional charges made by therapists for after-hours visits vary by professional. One counselor may regularly schedule visits during off-hours and just charge their typical rate for the service. Others may run a practice on typical business hours and charge an additional fee for those who need an appointment during another time. Check with your therapist to see if after hours charges apply to your visit.

Contact a Therapist Today

Whether you need help working through an isolated incident or would like ongoing help with something you’ve been dealing with for a while, contact a therapist for counseling in Palatine, IL today. Business hours and after hours are available depending on the therapist, so find someone with a schedule that works well with yours.

Thanks to Lotus Wellness Center for their insight into therapy and private practices.