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Get Medical Facts, Not Opinions With TopMed

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Our doctors are vetted against rigorous, professional criteria. Online doctor reviews are not reliable information – TopMed looks at facts not opinions about the doctors who may be treating you.

If you are looking for a highly trained professional who can give you the best results, find your doctor with TopMed. Why let your choice of doctor hang on the opinion of a stranger? Vet your doctor with our professional evaluation.

Facts, Not Opinions

Finally, a medical site that gets you physicians with top credentials, the most dedicated professionals of their specialty.


Select from doctors who attended top, accredited universities and medical schools, giving you only the best of the best.


Identify physicians who are board certified in their specialty, and continue to seek the most current knowledge and practices.


Know that your doctor has performed your type of procedure over and over, so you can rest easy knowing the doctor you choose has ample experience.

“Meeting the challenges of an ever-changing healthcare environment.”
– Dr. Jonathan Gobi

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