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After Sustaining an Injury Protect Yourself and Hire a Moving Company

After Sustaining an Injury Protect Yourself and Hire a Moving Company
September 05, 2018 / By medadmin

After Sustaining an Injury Protect Yourself and Hire a Moving Company

If you were the victim of a car accident, slip and fall accident, or other type of accident that resulted in a serious injury, don’t hesitate to ask for help in the manner of hiring a moving company. Many people who are normally very active may have a hard time staying on the couch when something needs to be done. However, during your recovery time, you risk seriously injuring yourself again, perhaps even worse than your original injury. Don’t risk it.

Junk Hauling

A great number of people don’t realize how many possessions they have until they have to move. When it’s time to pack up and move everything to the new location, you may find that many items you own, you no longer need. Whether you want it sold, given away, donated, or thrown away, a moving company can help. Removing unwanted items often requires a significant amount of lifting, bending, walking with heavy and awkward items, climbing and descending steps, and twisting. Even a healthy person can throw their back out by simply picking a pencil up from the floor. If you already have a serious injury, you can worsen that injury, or create a new one by trying to protect that area of the body. In this way, an existing knee injury could contribute to a new back injury, etc. Call us for a quote to take away your unwanted items. We’re proud of our ability to repurpose many unwanted items and have a network of charities with whom we work. We also practice green recycling whenever possible.

Packing Services

In preparation for moving, or ridding one’s home of unwanted items, packing is usually required. This most often involves lifting items, carrying them, lowering them into a box and subsequently lifting and carrying that heavy box. Stairs might be involved. Packing can be rough on a healthy body and possibly catastrophic for someone who is already injured.

Common Injuries that Can Benefit from Our Moving and Packing Services

Packing and moving items of any size or weight can be demanding on the body, especially if a person is suffering from an accident injury. Don’t hesitate to talk to a moving company if you’re suffering from any of the following injuries:

  • Back injury
  • Spinal injury
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Knee injury
  • Lung disease or mesothelioma
  • Eye injury
  • Head injury, including closed head injury, brain injury, and concussions
  • Sprained ankle

If you have been injured in any way, consider hiring one of the best moving companies in Philadelphia, PA to limit your risk of worsening your injury or sustaining a new one.



Thank you to our friends and contributors at Suburban Solutions for their insight into moving and reducing the risk of further injury.