INBRACE Orthodontic Treatment

While braces are commonly thought of as an orthodontic treatment for children, more and more adults are considering braces these days. However, some adults may shy away from getting traditional metal braces because they think it will just draw more attention to their teeth. The good news is that there are aesthetically pleasing options out there, like INBRACE.




INBRACE is the newest brand of lingual braces, which have brackets and wire on the tongue side of teeth. These braces can treat everything from crooked teeth to crowding. INBRACE is just as effective as traditional braces, but has the added benefit of being discreet. Instead of using elastic ties to hold the wire in the brackets, the system use a small clip to keep the wire in place. Your orthodontist will spend less time inserting and removing the wires, so you will be out the door faster during your appointments.


Another benefit of INBRACE is that the wires can be customized to fit the mouth of every patient. These braces will feel more comfortable in your mouth and you won’t have to get the wires changes as frequently as you would with traditional braces.


If you choose INBRACE, you will be less likely to end up with discolored teeth at the end. The wires will be on the tongue side of your teeth, so you won’t have any trouble brushing the front surfaces. If you do get some discoloration, it will be on the inside of teeth and can’t be seen by others.


With INBRACE, you also don’t have to worry about removing them like you do with invisible braces. They will remain in your mouth while you eat, brush your teeth and sleep. This way, you won’t ever lose them.


If you play a musical instrument, like the flute or clarinet, wearing INBRACE can be very beneficial to you. Because the wires aren’t on the front surfaces of your teeth, they won’t affect your playing.


While INBRACE has many benefits, it does have some drawbacks. For example, you may experience some irritation on your tongue while you are getting used to the braces. You may also have trouble determining if you removed all the food from your brackets when you brush and floss your teeth.


How Do You Care for INBRACE?


Oral hygiene rules are the same for INBRACE as they are for traditional braces. Brush and floss your teeth on a daily basis and avoid sticky foods that could get stuck in between your braces, like apples, nuts and candy. Visit your orthodontist regularly to get your braces adjusted.


Is INBRACE Right for Your?


Getting INBRACE is a big commitment, so you have to decide if it’s right for you. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons and discuss the option with your San Clemente, CA orthodontist. He or she can talk to you in detail about INBRACE and address all of your questions and concerns.


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