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How To Return to Sports Physical Therapy After a Hiatus

How To Return to Sports Physical Therapy After a Hiatus
March 10, 2022 / By medadmin

How To Return to Sports Physical Therapy After a Hiatus

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Going to a sports therapist is an exceptional way to ensure your body heals from a variety of sport-related issues. As explained by an experienced sports therapist from LeMoine Physical Therapy, whether you had surgery, were in an accident, have a pinched nerve or were injured while playing a sport, sports therapy is a good way to return to your optimum performance levels. Perhaps you’ve already done a stint in therapy, then took a hiatus for a period of time. How do you return?

1. Start Slowly

In most cases, your physical therapist will already understand your condition and the need to start slowly, but don’t be afraid to mention it. After a hiatus, your body might not be as limber as it once was. Perhaps you can’t do exercises as intensely as you did before. That’s OK! Start slowly and work back up to where you need to be.

2. Remember To Recover

Jumping back into physical therapy could be the best thing for you, but you’ll still need to rest and recover on a regular basis. Rest and recovery are essential parts of getting your body back in shape. Long-term health is achieved when you complete every step in the process, and this is an important step. 

3. Stay Balanced

Physical therapy should never be about doing one exercise over and over again. This often seems like the solution but can cause repetitive motion injuries and other negative effects. Instead, include flexibility, cardio endurance and resistance training into your therapy sessions. Speak with your sports therapist so he or she understands that this is what you expect to do. Staying balanced with exercise will help you recover more quickly and stay strong. 

4. Keep Appointments

If your physical therapist recommends a certain amount of therapy appointments each week, you should do everything in your power to keep those appointments. A schedule is essential to recovery and good health. When you start skipping appointments, you may not recover as quickly or at all. It’s also important that you stay for the duration of the appointment. If your therapist schedules you for one hour, three times a week, you need those full three hours, so adjust your schedule otherwise and stay for the entire appointment time.

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Recovering from sports injuries can be a long road, but with the right sports therapist, you will almost always see results. Contact a physical therapist today to get answers to your questions or to schedule an appointment to assess your situation.