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Hair Treatment for Balding Men

Hair Treatment for Balding Men
February 12, 2019 / By medadmin

Hair Treatment for Balding Men

Hair Loss Treatment

Within the last few years, hair treatment for men with male pattern baldness, or baldness in the front or top of the hair has made big steps towards a cure. However, that being said, the majority of hair treatment products for balding men that are being marketed today are nothing but fake pills and potions that will do nothing for you. Try to keep in mind that successful treatment of hair loss is heavily dependent on early intervention and a good trichologist. It is crucial that you begin treatment with an effective product or seek consultation with a hair loss specialist as soon as you notice the symptoms. Propecia, better known as finasteride, is the generic name for a product used to treat enlarged prostate glands. During the trials on prostate problems, researchers found that hair growth was a common side effect. Because propecia was already approved by the FDA at this time to treat prostates, the company that created it decided to pursue developing it into a hair growth pill. It became increasingly successful and this led to the AHLA (American Hair Loss Association) recommended it as the first type of hair pattern baldness medication.

When minoxidil, or rogaine, first entered the picture, it was used in pill form to treat high blood pressure in men. However, just like with propecia, it was found to have hair growth as a common side effect. This soon launched rogaine into a topical cream, where it could be applied on the scalp and mustache area for men. It brought about varying results depending on the extent of hair loss. While rogaine was clinically proven to slow the progression of the male pattern baldness and regrow some of the lost hair, many see it as a treatment that is not very effective against hair loss itself. Regardless, the AHLA still recommends rogaine to those who do not have any favorable results from propecia. It is not advised that you use rogaine before trying propecia, because it is not directly for hair growth, but it does acknowledge that it can help as a treatment when added to a regimen of biotin pills or alongside propecia use.

If you have experienced any symptoms of male pattern baldness and would like to stop this from happening, consider reaching out to a hair loss specialist to receive a free consultation today.


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