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Why Do Chiropractors Take X-Rays?

Why Do Chiropractors Take X-Rays?
August 21, 2019 / By medadmin

Why Do Chiropractors Take X-Rays?

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The chiropractic industry is seen as incredibly effective by many, yet is still controversial for some people. Whether you’ve been seeing one for years, or are curious about the benefits it could give you, there are some steps in the process to be aware of and the reasons behind them.

The main goal of the chiropractic practice is to restore optimal functioning to your nervous system and to do that they focus on the spine and other joints. To get a better idea of how your spine is aligned, your chiropractor will sometimes take x-rays, especially the first time you have an appointment.

X-rays show the internal structure of your spine and how it is aligned. Your chiropractor can also use the visual to identify more serious diseases and disorders including abnormal development, arthritis, spinal deterioration, bone spurs, and more. They’re also useful for giving a solid plan to bring you back to optimal health.

If you have “general” back pain that has not been caused by a traumatic event, some chiropractors will not take an x-ray and will be able to determine the best treatment for you based on what they can feel in your spine using their hands. The word “chiropractic” actually means “to be done by hand”.

There are both believers and non-believers regarding the usefulness of x-rays in chiropractic health care. Out of the vast majority of patients examined, the x-rays do not change the course of treatment. However, there is a percentage of patients for which the x-rays uncover a significant issue which does change the chiropractor’s recommendations. This can include cases where, for example, a fracture or tumor is present.

When X-Rays are Needed

It can often be determined early on during a clinical evaluation whether or not x-rays are necessary to improve the treatment your chiropractor can offer to you. Some examples of these cases include:

  • You’ve suffered a significant injury, or if you’re over age 50, any type of trauma.
  • An infection is suspected to be causing the pain.
  • A disease is likely such as a tumor or cancer.
  • Joint disease is suspected.
  • You’ve been diagnosed with, or are at risk for, osteoporosis.
  • Pain has not been solved with other treatments, or the chiropractic care has hit a plateau in curing your symptoms.

It’s important to remember, that while many chiropractors are making x-rays a standard of treatment, they are not always necessary. A good chiropractor in Riverdale, MD will help you heal quickly and reduce your pain with as few treatments as possible. Contact a clinic today to begin your recovery and finally begin to feel better.



Thanks to AmeriWell Clinics for their insight into chiropractic care and why they may take an x-ray.