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What Everyone Must Know About Couples Counseling

What Everyone Must Know About Couples Counseling
December 24, 2018 / By medadmin

What Everyone Must Know About Couples Counseling

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Romantic relationships take dedication, hard work and regular maintenance. If a problem arises, it may be better to have it repaired immediately versus waiting for things to become even more complicated as times goes on. Sometimes, couples try to do these repairs themselves, but find they are unable to reach the middle ground they are striving for. In some cases, it takes guidance from an unbiased professional to fine-tune the relationship. If you are considering attending a session with a therapist for couples counseling Palatine, IL trusts, there are things you must know:

The Goal of Couples Therapy

Couples therapy entails psychotherapy, in which a counselor with experience working with partners guides two people in improving their romantic relationship. The goal is to resolve conflicts, increase overall satisfaction, and enhance communication. Most couples counseling sessions involve these elements:

  1. Focus on a certain problem, including addiction, jealousy, infidelity, sexual difficulties, communication, resentments, anger, etc.
  2. Each partner is open and participates in the process, in order to grow as individual people and within the relationship
  3. Focus on the solutions to deep inner fears, including rejection, loneliness, abandonment, betrayal, etc.

How Counseling Sessions Begin

Your counselor is likely to start off the first session with basic questions about the relationship history. Then, the therapist can help the couple identify the most problematic issues that need attention. The treatment goals and structure for sessions are discussed, to ensure both partners are open to the process of therapy. It is possible that the therapist recommends both partners are seen individually too, as a way to gain a more thorough understanding of each person and his or her role in the relationship dynamic.

After the Awareness Phase

Once the issues have been identified, the couple may then be encouraged to adjust how they communicate with their partner so conflicts can be resolved in a healthy way. Each partner is encourage to apply the skills learned in therapy at home in their everyday interactions. Many couples may require several sessions before positive changes are seen and felt.

Who Can Benefit From Counseling

Couples therapy can be beneficial for any couple, regardless of the relationship stage. For example, a couple that has been together for over twenty years, may want to attend counseling as a way to regain a sense of romance and excitement. Those who have recently been engaged, may want to go over problem areas of their relationship before tying the knot. Couples counseling can be a helpful way to resolve a recurring problem, or as a way to simply check-in with each other about how things are going.

What Prevents Couples From Attending

Many couples (or one partner in the relationship) may be apprehensive about trying couple counseling, due to misconceptions about what sessions are all about. The therapist is there to provide a comfortable and safe environment, in hopes that the couple feels like they can express their true feelings and thoughts. It is a journey towards a happier and healthier dynamic for both partners.



Thank you to our friends and contributors at the Lotus Wellness Center for their insight into couples therapy and what you need to know about it.