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What Can I Expect During My Visit to a Chiropractor?

What Can I Expect During My Visit to a Chiropractor?
February 05, 2020 / By medadmin

What Can I Expect During My Visit to a Chiropractor?

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Whether you have been treated by a chiropractor in the past, or this is your very visit, you can feel peace of mind in knowing that you will be given the utmost guidance and support. At a chiropractic clinic, they will do their best to schedule you for an appointment that suits your needs. Most do not require a referral or insurance for you to receive care. That being said, insurance often covers some or all of chiropractic treatment; thus you should review your insurance policy ahead of time. 

Your Initial Chiropractic Consultation

When you first go to a clinic, you will have a consultation and exam by the chiropractor. This may include an x-ray, testing of muscle strength, a postural test, and more. During the exam, you will likely be asked to lie down on a table and further tests may be conducted. You will remain fully clothed, but should be wearing something that is loose-fitting and comfortable. If necessary, the chiropractor may perform an adjustment of the neck, spine, and other parts of the body. 

Popping Noises

Most people will hear a popping noise during the adjustment. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about. Although it is not fully understood what these noises are, most professionals believe they are related to a release of small pockets of gas between the joints. 

Are Adjustments Safe?

As a chiropractor might tell you, this form of treatment is one of the most effective, safest, and non-invasive options available. Statistically, the chances of being injured during an adjustment is very small. That said, if you have any underlying medical conditions or are pregnant, please let your chiropractor know. 

Is Chiropractic Care Painful?

A chiropractor has a deep understanding of how the body functions. When they adjust you, it will be controlled, and generally does not cause pain. Most patients feel a sense of relief; however, it is possible to be sore after the treatment. The level of soreness experienced can vary, but many associate it with the soreness felt after beginning a new exercise routine. 

How Many Adjustments Will You Need?

Depending on the severity of your condition, you may need between 2 and 6 adjustments or more. A basic adjustment might take 10 to 15 minutes; whereas, severe issues might require 20-30 minutes of treatment. Your chiropractor will help you to understand what is necessary for you during your consultation. Some patients will choose to receive ongoing care and regular updates to ensure their spine is in an optimal condition. 

Does Insurance Cover Chiropractic Care?

Many insurance plans cover some or all chiropractic treatment. You should review your policy or ask our billing department to help you understand whether or not you will be covered through insurance. 

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor, like a Chiropractor in Woodbridge, NJ, please call a clinic today. 



Thank you to the experts at the Northeast Spine & Wellness Center for their input into chiropractic care.