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Things That Can Go Wrong During a Triathlon

Things That Can Go Wrong During a Triathlon
October 25, 2018 / By medadmin

Things That Can Go Wrong During a Triathlon

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In a perfect world, every triathlon would go smoothly. However, that isn’t always reality. Sometimes things can happen during the race that make you uncomfortable and slow you down. It’s important to stay calm if something happens and do everything necessary to continue the race. The coaches you want to hire when you’re looking to find a triathlon coach Washington, DC offers list some common things that can go wrong during a triathlon and what you can do about them.

Back and Glute Aches

During the bike portion of the triathlon, it’s not uncommon to experience some pain in your back and glutes. You’re sitting on that small seat for long periods of time and you may develop some discomfort. If this happens, stop for a few seconds and stretch. If you twist to your right, twist to your lift and touch your toes, you should feel better.

Very Hot Temperatures

If it’s hotter on race day than you originally expected, you may feel pretty uncomfortable. One of the best ways to keep your body temperature down is to drink water at every aid station. If you still feel too hot, don’t hesitate to pour some water over your head before you start racing again.

Stomach Pain

When you are in the middle of a triathlon, that last thing you want to deal with is stomach cramping. Unfortunately, however, it can happen during the race. If this happens to you, it’s important to take a quick break and drink some water. Doing so many help your stomach settle down.

Getting Hit During the Swim

In the swim portion of the race, you will be very close to hundreds of other people. They may accidentally hit you in the head with their arms as they’re swimming along. While it may be a bit of a shock at first, it doesn’t really hurt that much. It’s best to just keep moving along. However, if you are nervous about getting hit in the swim, you may want to begin at the outside of the field. It tends to be less packed there.

Bike Problems

When you are in the middle of a triathlon, you don’t want to worry about your bike going out. However, many people have experienced mechanical issues with their bikes during races. That’s why you should ensure your bike’s gears, tires, brakes and bolts are in good working condition before the race. It may also be a good idea to take some spare tires to the rice. There may be some rough surfaces that can do a number on your tires. If your tires go flat, you will some extra ones.

While plenty of things can go wrong during the triathlon, it’s important not to fixate on them. Just concentrate on completing the race and dealing with any issues that may come along your way.



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