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The Health Benefits of Swimming for Seniors

The Health Benefits of Swimming for Seniors
July 05, 2019 / By medadmin

The Health Benefits of Swimming for Seniors

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There is nothing more refreshing than a dip in the water on a hot summer day. It becomes even better when we factor in that swimming is not only refreshing, it’s healthy too!

For senior citizens, swimming is one of the best physical activities to undertake. Here are a few health benefits that can be gained through regular swimming!

  1. Kindness to Joints

One of the major reasons regular swimming is great for the older generation is its gentle impact on joints. Swimming is a non-weight bearing activity; this is due to the buoyancy that is experienced when someone enters into the water.

With weight-bearing forms of exercise, there is an impact placed upon the joints. For something like running, every connection of foot to the ground will absorb a shock and reverberate throughout the body. Thus, for senior citizens, this impact can be detrimental to joint function.

This is why swimming is an optimal choice for activity: it allows for prolonged physical activity without hindering existing joint function.

  1. Promotes Heart Health

Another reason why swimming can benefit senior citizens is its promotion of heart health. Just like other forms of exercise, engaging in aerobic activity can strengthen and reinforce the heart for prolonged usage. By elevating a heart rate for a prolonged period of time, the muscle can be thusly optimized to pump blood more efficiently.

According to the American College of Cardiology, heart disease is the most frequent health issue experienced by the elderly generation. Thus, through swimming, senior citizens can protect themselves, and their hearts, for years to come!

  1. Increases Flexibility

Swimming is great for senior citizens because it helps promote flexibility. As swimming is a non-weight-bearing activity, it allows for a fuller range of motion. Thus, seniors can lengthen and strengthen their muscles while engaging in aquatic exercise.

This emphasis on flexibility is great for improving balance and fall prevention. Muscles that are more flexible can provide a larger scope of capabilities in the event of an emergency. Thus, through exercising in the water, senior citizens can set themselves up for success on land!

  1. Improve Mental Wellness

Another great benefit of swimming is its ability to promote mental wellness. Swimming, like other forms of exercise, is an activity that produces endorphins. These “happy hormones” give the brain and body an overall feeling of well-being. It also creates a positive feedback scenario, in which the body craves more exercise.

Thus, through swimming, senior citizens are encouraged to embrace mental wellness and reinforce this wellness in the future! Having help at home with a home care nurse in Delray Beach, FL can also be very beneficial!

Thanks to Expicare Nursing Agency for their insight into in home care and benefits of swimming for seniors.