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The benefits of group triathlon training

The benefits of group triathlon training
July 23, 2019 / By medadmin

The benefits of group triathlon training

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If you have decided to enter a triathlon, congratulations! As you know, you have some serious conditioning ahead of you. Triathlons are one of the most challenging types of competition because of the three different disciplines- biking, running and swimming. Each component has its own unique conditioning requirements and considerations. In fact, most will agree that the diversity of this sport is the real draw for so many people to choose a triathlon over say, a marathon. If you want to optimize your experience, it is worth looking into group training in your area. Group training can provide you with better focus, more enjoyment in the process and a great social outlet that keeps you motivated. The following topics further explore the benefits of training with a group.

Have Fun!

When you train by yourself, chances are you may get bored with the same old routine. At times it can be really challenging to rally yourself and keep perspective and pace. In training in a group you will be surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who keep each other engaged and challenged. Many groups participate in socials after a tough practice. Socials are a great time to process the experience and connect with each other on a deeper level.


As we grow up and leave the group comforts of things like the classroom and school-related events, we often lose that sense of comradery. That ongoing relationship with others outside of work and family. Group training can bring those opportunities back. It can also open doors for you to deepen your commitment to the training because you are experiencing the workouts with others who have similar goals. In setting personal and perhaps group goals, the entire experience becomes that much more valuable.

Knowledge of clinics

Participating in clinics, workshops and listening to guest speakers will naturally enhance your commitment to your training and ultimately the triathlon. In surrounding yourself with fellow triathlon athletes, you are going to be privy to all kinds of additional opportunities to deepen your training and enhance your technique development. It also provides opportunity to deepen your experience on a psychological level. In training for a triathlon, you are not only training your body but also your mind.


Let’s face it, life is busy and we are constantly juggling responsibility. It is all too easy to put things off, especially when there is no one to push you to keep going. It is great that you have made the choice to do a triathlon, but the real challenge is committing to a training schedule. A solid plan is everything. So many of us thrive on knowing what to expect. One of the perks of training with a group, especially when there is also a coach involved, is having a plan and the opportunity to map out the training schedule leading up to the triathlon. A good schedule is diverse and challenging. In making a commitment to triathlon group training in Washington, DC, you are more likely to follow through. In doing so, you significantly increase your chances to reach your goals and kick butt in the triathlon.



Thanks to Team Z for their insight into triathlon training and the benefits of group training.