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The Benefits of Both Partners Attending Therapy to Avoid Divorce 

The Benefits of Both Partners Attending Therapy to Avoid Divorce 
December 19, 2019 / By medadmin

The Benefits of Both Partners Attending Therapy to Avoid Divorce 

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As they say, for couples therapy to be helpful both partners must want to make it work. Each partner has to walk into a therapy session with the goal of doing what they can to be open and communicative. When one partner doesn’t want to attend, it can leave the other feeling hopeless as if their marriage just isn’t going to survive. One person cannot hold up the weight of a declining relationship all on their own.

To the relief of couples who truly desire saving their marriage, you have a higher chance of getting the outcome you are hoping for simply because you are committed to the process. Here are the potential benefits of both partners attending therapy in hopes to avoid divorce: 

Difficult Topics Can Be Discussed

When a marriage hits a rough patch, it is often due to things like lying, infidelity, money issues, past resentments, addiction, and other difficult topics. Couples who aren’t sure how to approach conversations about these issues can benefit from the guidance of a licensed therapist. Your therapist may begin a session by asking why each of you are there and what kinds of things you want to discuss. It can be uncomfortable to have a conversation about very sensitive and deeply-rooted problems, but it provides the chance to work through them so the relationship can be salvaged. 

Significant Changes Can Be Made Faster

When one partner is hesitant to attend couples counseling, like couples counseling in Palatine, IL, it slows down the process of overcoming obstacles. Or, if one partner during a therapy session isn’t engaged, while the other is quite dedicated, then it can prolong achieving the healing that needs to happen. If both partners know they aren’t in a good place but are willing to put in the effort, then significant changes and improvements are more likely to occur.

Your Children Won’t Feel Caught in Between

If you have a space to open up and talk things out with your spouse, then you are less likely to accidentally cause your children to feel caught in the middle of any arguments. If you are considering divorce and are angry with your partner, you may make little remarks about them in front of your children without even realizing it. While you and your husband or wife are still figuring out if the relationship can be saved, at least there won’t be added tension by having children feel stuck in the middle. 

You Can Heal Even if Divorce Is Imminent 

There may be instances in which parting ways is the right decision for both partners. Perhaps the outcome of their therapy together is that they should move on. The realization of this can still cause immense heartbreak and grief, but through therapy it is less likely to stem from a place of anger and resentment. The couple can move forward in a more healthy way versus burying and stifling difficult feelings that have gone unattended to. If a couple decides to divorce, therapy can still be very impactful in the healing process. 


Thanks to Lotus Wellness Center for their insight into the benefits of attending couples therapy to try to avoid divorce.