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Recognizing the Signs of Physical Elderly Abuse

Recognizing the Signs of Physical Elderly Abuse
May 26, 2019 / By medadmin

Recognizing the Signs of Physical Elderly Abuse

Elderly Assistance Services

When people place their elder loved ones in the care of someone else, they expect that care to be of the utmost quality. No one wants their friends or family to be hurt or exploited. Yet, sadly, elderly abuse can be quite common in America. It can come in many forms. They include financial exploitation, physical, emotional, neglect, and sexual exploitation.

According to the National Research Council, only 1 in 14 cases of elderly abuse are reported to authorities. This could be because many senior citizens are frightened, mentally impaired, or physically unable to disclose their abusers.

Thus, it becomes the responsibility of the people around them to intervene on their behalf. This requires recognizing and pinpointing the signs of mistreatment. Thus, the best way to stop elderly abuse is to familiarize the signs and take necessary action when needed.

An Overly Attentive Caregiver

If a caregiver refuses to leave the elderly individual alone, this could be a sign of mistreatment. At first glance, this may seem like a simple case of being over-protective. Yet, this is the guise under which they are hiding. The caregiver could be refusing because they are worried that the senior citizen will divulge the abuse when they are not present. Thus, this becomes an act of power and dominance, instead of an act of caring.

Numerous Injuries

An easy way to spot abuse is to note any unexplained injuries. These could be anything, from prevalent bruises to an abundance of scars.

As humans age, it is normal to suffer some injuries. Yet, it’s important to learn the difference between accidental injuries and purposeful ones. Accidental tend to happen sporadically, without a discernible pattern. A purposeful injury, that is inflicted by an abuser, will tend to reveal a pattern. For example, if someone has been violently grabbed by the shoulders, the bruises tend to form congruently. They will show on both shoulders and reveal similar indentations.

Subtle Signs of Restraint and Struggle

Some abusers will inflict damage in a way that it does not leave a visible mark on their victims. Thus, it becomes imperative to look for more subtle signs of a struggle. For example, if someone has damaged eyeglasses, this could reveal a previous fall or blow to the face. If the senior citizen has slight indentations on both wrists, this could reveal a previous restraint.

In Conclusion

In the healthcare field, it’s imperative to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. By staying vigilant to warning signs, and using elderly assistance services in Delray Beach, FL, you can suss out physical elderly abuse and alert the authorities when necessary.

If you believe someone is in a dangerous or threatening situation, contact your local police or 911 to report.

Thanks to Expicare Nursing Agency for their insight into in-home nursing care and signs of physical elderly abuse.