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Preventing Bruises and Broken Bones While Moving

Preventing Bruises and Broken Bones While Moving
July 24, 2018 / By medadmin

Preventing Bruises and Broken Bones While Moving


Getting the news that you were recently approved for a new home can be a very exciting time in person’s life. But then, after the immediate jubilance settles, the hard task of moving is now the next step in this transition. Packing up boxes, belongings and wrapping valuables can be a daunting task for most people. In the midst of this process, there may be other important things to accomplish too. Such as, paying the deposit for the new home or apartment and doing deep cleaning before you finally say goodbye to the old place. Perhaps the biggest task of all though is heaving and hauling dozens of boxes, in addition to hefty furniture and appliances.


Incorporating safety techniques can be a crucial part of moving. Here in this article, we have talked further about how move without causing bruises or broken bones. Those who are looking for a way to avoid doing the moving themselves, may benefit from what a moving company has to offer.


How can I help lessen the chances of being injured while moving?

In order to get through moving quicker, many people may try to hurry the process. However, being speedy during moving day can easily lead to injuries, especially related to the back. When we move abruptly or with haste, we can tweak or sprain a muscle bad enough that we must stop altogether. For your health and those that are helping you, consider the following moving safety tips:


  1. Clear debri from the moving pathways, so there are no objects strewn on the floor that could risk people tripping and falling.
  2. Wear appropriate shoes that are close-toed, such as walking or hiking shoes which do not feel heavy on your feet.
  3. Ask loved ones for assistance way ahead of time. By asking last minute you may find yourself having to move alone, which is unsafe especially if something were to happen and no one else is there to get you help.
  4. For really large items or during any part of the moving process, consider hiring professionals instead of risking serious injuries.
  5. Wear articles of clothing that are loose but fitting and comfortable, that you are also not afraid to get dirty.


What are the benefits of hiring a moving team?

For those who just don’t have the time or energy to load of all of their belongings into a truck, drive to the new home, then carry everything out once again may want to consider hiring one of the long distance moving companies Philadelphia, PA residents trust. These professionals are trained in moving objects that are heavy, and require certain equipment in order to relocate safely. Friends and family may be free to hire for the day, but they may be relieved to find out their services are not actually needed. Some moving companies may also offer cleaning services, so everything can be squeaky clean for a former landlord inspection. By hiring professionals, it can open up free time for you to do other things related to the move instead.


Thank you to our friends and contributors at Suburban Solutions for their knowledge about moving.