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Independence Vs. Protection: How to Support Your Aging Loved One

Independence Vs. Protection: How to Support Your Aging Loved One
December 24, 2018 / By medadmin

Independence Vs. Protection: How to Support Your Aging Loved One

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When you have an elderly parent or family member, you understand how important it is to help protect him or her. But have you thought about the importance of helping your loved one maintain independence as he or she ages? While challenging, it is possible to encourage independence while protecting an elderly relative. Below, we offer a few recommendations.

Safeguard the home

As individuals age, they want to maintain their independence and self worth. Inspecting and safeguarding their home is a critical first step to encourage autonomy. Installing rails where needed and eliminating any potential hazards will help minimize the risk of tripping or falling. Homes can be retrofitted with better lighting, easy controls, lever faucets, zero-step entrance, and wider doors to make daily life easier. Consider whether home health aide Delray Beach, FL offers is required.

Keep the mind sharp

Specific mind exercises are a great, fun way to keep the mind sharp. Meeting with a specialist in gerontology or exploring brain game sites like are important steps you can take to help create a regimen of mind exercises. Encouraging your family member to participate in these activities as well as strategy-oriented games will help keep his or her mind agile.

Encourage exercise

Keeping a good, healthy diet and engaging in exercise promotes a healthy appetite, better mood, and more solid sleep. Work with your aging loved one to make physical fitness a part of their routine. Discuss healthy eating and determine the best way to help your loved one get the right nutrition.

Create social opportunities

Socializing with family and friends is a great way to promote emotional stability and keep depression at bay. Whether going out for a meal, inviting people into the house, or enjoying the outdoors, spending time with others is a critical need for aging parents.

Guide responsibility

Encouraging aging parents to make their own decisions is a core manifestation of autonomy and self worth. Managing roles and commitments gives them a sense of responsibility and confidence. Don’t be quick to take on their responsibilities — let them earn the satisfaction of completing tasks on their own.

Provide support as needed

Although aging family members want to be as independent as possible, most recognize that some support services will allow them to maintain their independence longer. Working with an agency allows the aging parent to receive support for only what they need — whether it’s for cleaning, cooking, or even just driving at night.



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