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How to Determine if Your Hair Needs a Protein Treatment

How to Determine if Your Hair Needs a Protein Treatment
February 10, 2019 / By medadmin

How to Determine if Your Hair Needs a Protein Treatment

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Did you know that your hair, like the rest of your body requires protein to maintain its healthy look and feel?  If you are not happy with the way your hair feels or looks, perhaps it is time for a protein treatment. Weak and limp hair needs proteins and nutrients to strengthen each strand and keep your hair in the healthiest possible state.

If you want to color, highlight, or texture your hair, it is suggested you receive a protein treatment before applying any chemical treatments. This allows your hair to be strong and healthy, providing the best possible base for the color you want to apply. Hair specialists and can suggest the treatment that best suits your type of hair. They can suggest the type of protein-based product to use and how often it needs to be applied. Too much protein can make your hair feel stiff or crunchy. How do you know if your hair even needs a protein treatment? There are five hair conditions that would really benefit from a protein treatment.

  1. If your hair is losing its natural curl or is difficult to curl if may be because it has lost a lot of its elasticity. This is generally an indication that you need a protein treatment. This treatment will give your hair more body and be easier to style.
  2. If your hair is frizzy and tangles too much, it most likely has gaps in the strands and this makes it more susceptible to damage. The frizz is caused by your hair taking in too much water. It can also cause hair that is color-treated to lose some of its color. A protein treatment is necessary to make your hair strands stronger.
  3. If your hair just doesn’t feel right it it probably suffering from chemical damage and needs a protein treatment. It can feel sticky or gummy. The texture change usually is an indication that your hair is not properly balanced.
  4. If your hair is flat and droopy you can be fairly certain you are in need of a protein treatment. Hair should be somewhat strong and durable. The treatment should bring your limp hair back to life!
  5. If you frequently color your hair, the bonds of the hair may break and cause the ends to split. Coloring your hair will change its texture as well. That is why it is a good idea to talk to your stylist about applying a protein treatment prior to coloring your hair. Doing so will give your strands extra protection prior to applying the color chemical.

A protein treatment may be the solution to be sure your hair is as healthy as it can be prior to applying any chemical treatment. Your stylist can advise you based on the condition of your hair as to the best products to use. Most facilities employ color stylists experienced in helping make your hair the healthiest it can be. By starting with a protein treatment prior to any chemical applications, your hair will retain the brilliant color, highlight and body longer, resulting in a happy stylist and a satisfied customer.


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