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How to Be a Chiropractor in Southeast Asia

How to Be a Chiropractor in Southeast Asia
April 17, 2019 / By medadmin

How to Be a Chiropractor in Southeast Asia

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Chiropractic helps reducing suffering and pain through complete natural solutions and ultimately promotes wellness. Anyone willing to get into chiropractic is offered great earning potential along with space for advancement. The South East Asian scene in chiropractic is growing quite well and looks promising for people looking to get into it. And apart from Indonesia, all of the countries in the region more or less clearly allow chiropractic practice.

Chiropractic in Malaysia

You can get a chiropractic degree at IMU in Malaysia which is the only university in the whole region of Southeast Asia offering the program. The institution is acknowledged by the CCEA, so, you can also perform in Australia with the degree. The program, similar to other universities, take from four to five and a half year to complete.

A bachelor degree with a minimum of 2.00 cumulative GPA is required to apply for degree at the university. You can also apply with A-Levels with CCD in science stream, STPM with cumulative GPA of 2.75 in science stream or equivalent qualifications.

Chiropractic in Singapore

Singapore does not have a licensing board for chiropractic as the profession is still new in the region. So, the manpower ministry watches over the passes of employment for overseas DC’s. These DC degrees are commonly four-year long program consisting of about 4500 hours.

The MOM validates whether chiropractors in Singapore have qualified degrees acquired from chiropractic institutions that are accredited in the country of origin. The chiropractors are not allowed to prescribe any medicine to the patients.

Chiropractic in Thailand

Thailand’s public health ministry oversees the chiropractic regulations in the country. To acquire a chiropractic license you need a DC degree completed from a chiropractic college that is approved by the CCE. Once you acquire the degree, you have to apply for the chiropractic examination held for two days and pass it of course.

To legally practice chiropractic in the country, you will have to perform at a clinic that is licensed. Also, chiropractors have to attend education seminars in order to keep their practice permit.


The mentioned countries have the most chiropractic practices in the region. For the other countries in the Southeast Asian region, you can get a degree from a legitimate university that is acknowledged by a chiropractic council. Then you can apply to the country’s body that regulates medical area for a permit to practice chiropractic. The chiropractic field is growing by the day and can be rewarding for an aspiring headache chiropractor in Mesa, AZ when they choose to look for work in these parts.


Thanks to Lifecare Chiropractic for their insight into chiropractic care in Southeast Asia.