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How Can I Keep My Brain Healthy?

How Can I Keep My Brain Healthy?
June 27, 2018 / By medadmin

How Can I Keep My Brain Healthy?

The human mind is one of the most utilized organs in the body, and its functioning is crucial in order to provide us life. If our brain was to become injured, we can suffer mentally, physically, emotionally and perhaps spiritually as well. Any person can endure a traumatic event or accident which can cause a brain injury. It is only normal for people to wonder how they can be proactive in protecting themselves against injuring this magnificent machine and avoiding the need of a brain injury lawyer Memphis, TN trusts.

By reading below, you will be provided with more information about brain injuries and how you can lessen your chances of suffering such damage.

If I hit my head, how do I know if I need medical attention?

Any person who thinks they may have suffered a brain injury should see their doctor or go to the nearest emergency room promptly. Because the brain is such a key part of our bodies, getting a medical exam should not wait. Also, in some cases a brain injury may not be visible externally, but is brewing underneath the surface.

What is an example of a brain injury that cannot be seen?

A person could fall and hit their head yet does not have any visible bleeding. But, it is always possible that the person could have suffered such blunt force, that internal bleeding or swelling of the brain has occurred. This condition can be fatal, so urgency is of the essence when responding to this kind of injury.

What are ways that someone can decrease their chances of a brain injury?

Depending on your lifestyle and activities, you may have more or less threats in your environment. Those who stay at home should be wary of torn and curled carpeting, while on the other hand those who play sports should always wear proper gear. Overall, preventative tips to help decrease your chances of a brain injury can include:

  • When at work, always wear safety gear that is free of wear, tear & holes.
  • If you ride a motorcycle, spend the money investing in a helmet that is both approved for safety & has never been used.
  • Keep ladders and step stools readily available for use in the home, yet out of the way at all times.
  • Maintain a regular exercise routine to keep up strength & flexibility.
  • Always keep a slipmat in the bottom of your tub/shower.
  • Add lighting to poorly lit areas of your home.
  • Remove old, torn or slippery carpeting to prevent tripping.

What are the symptoms of a brain injury?

Depending on the circumstances, there are a variety of symptoms that could be related to a brain injury. A person who has a brain injury may have sensory, emotional, behavioral, cognitive, social or communication difficulties. Examples of specific brain injury symptoms may involve the following:

  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Confusion & disorientation
  • Difficulty speaking & understanding others
  • Unconscious for a short or long period of time
  • Newly developed anxiety, irritability, depression
  • Ringing in ears
  • Double vision or blind spots
  • Insomnia
  • Feeling off-balance



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