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Getting Chiropractic Help After a Slip and Fall Injury

Getting Chiropractic Help After a Slip and Fall Injury
April 18, 2019 / By medadmin

Getting Chiropractic Help After a Slip and Fall Injury

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You were minding your own business, walking around your local grocery store when out of nowhere your feet fly out from under you and you land on your back. You didn’t even see the puddle that was on the ground since the light above you was out, but now you are stuck with a back injury that will cost a lot of money to fix. Unfortunately, this is not an unusual case, and chiropractors understand that slip and fall injuries are incredibly common and can cause a lot of damage. When you have become a victim in a slip and fall accident, you should see how the chiropractors at our office can help you with your healing process and help you with your claim. For more information on how to handle a slip and fall injury and how we can help, please read below.

What you Should do Immediately After the Accident

If you are conscious and able, you should stay at the scene where the slip and fall accident occurred. It is incredibly important that you take note of any obvious injuries you have and start documenting the scene. Note if there are any warning signs in the area of a dangerous situation, lights that are not working properly, and where the accident occurred. It is also important to see if there were any witnesses to your accident and get their contact information down. Finally, while you are still at the accident scene, you should speak with a manager or supervisor on duty to report your accident to ensure they are notified as soon as possible and that there is a paper trail of your accident.

Going to a Chiropractor

When you are trying to receive compensation for your accident, you should reach out to our office to schedule your first appointment. When you come for your visit, let us know upfront that your injuries are a result of a slip and fall accident so we can be sure to document everything in detail, assess your injuries, and show proof of recovery throughout the process. We want to ensure that you receive compensation for the accident and will provide the medical details necessary for your claim.

Proving You Were Injured

When you make your claim, the insurance company and the court will want to see that your injury was serious enough to receive medical care, not that you brushed it off. Your chiropractor can conduct a thorough physical examination and even use x-rays to determine the extent of your damage. Not only will this help with your claim, but it will ensure your chiropractor knows exactly what kind of chiropractic treatment to give you. Additionally, we can discuss your injuries and your treatment plan with your attorney.

If you were recently injured in a slip and fall accident and need the help of a chiropractor Palatine, IL chooses for your treatment and for your insurance claim, please reach out to a chiropractor office today.


Thanks to Lotus Wellness Center for their insight into chiropractic care for slip and fall injuries.