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Dental Health For Kids

Dental Health For Kids
July 30, 2018 / By medadmin

Dental Health For Kids

When you begin caring for a child’s oral health, the process can be unclear for a lot of new parents. A dentist San Clemente, CA trusts is often asked when parents should schedule their child’s first dental appointment and when they can start flossing their child’s teeth. You should typically start flossing your child’s teeth around two to six years old. The first visit to the dentist should be around this time as well, and usually just consists of building a relationship with the child and then of course giving parents an opportunity to ask any questions or voice any concerns regarding their child’s oral health.


How to Get Your Kids Involved


Good dental hygiene help us smile, eat, and talk so it is important that we practice it with our children. A good way to explain to your children the reason behind brushing and flossing their teeth is to explain plaque as the enemy in our mouths. You could even try explaining that when we do not take care of our teeth, something called plaque tries to take over and rule the mouth kingdom, making all of the teeth scared and only we can protect them by brushing and flossing them! Here are some ways to get them excited about brushing and flossing:

  • Look for toothpastes with their favorite characters or animals on them. This can get them pumped up to use it every day because Spongebob or Elmo is on their toothpaste!
  • Play their favorite music during teeth brushing time. This will get them in the mood to brush quicker and they’ll begin to associate it in a positive way because it is paired with their favorite music.
  • Dancing to the music while brushing can also make it fun!
  • Start going to the dentist once your child’s teeth come in to build a rapport.
  • Let your child decide when it is your turn to brush your teeth as well (before, during, or after they brush theirs). This will turn it into a game and allow you to join in on the fun.


Contact For a Check Up Today!


By getting a checkup with a dentist, you can get a thorough evaluation of your oral health. Dentists can help people take care of their dental hygiene with dental care and prevention. Do not hesitate to let your dentist know if you are currently enduring any discomfort or pain, so they can do their best to get you in as soon as possible. If you have any dental sensitivities, they may be able accommodate you in order to make your experience positive.

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