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Chiropractics After Back Surgery

Chiropractics After Back Surgery
June 26, 2019 / By medadmin

Chiropractics After Back Surgery

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Seeking care from a chiropractor for spinal manipulation is beneficial for many people who suffer with chronic pain disorders of the back, neck or other areas of the body. However, for those who have had back surgery in the past, it is imperative to know a few things before seeking chiropractic care. While adjustments may be safe for you after your specific type of surgery, it is important to know the type of surgery you had, get approval from your physician and follow all instructions from your doctor about how long to wait until returning to normal activity.

Know the type of surgery you had.

Knowing the name of the procedure that was performed is essential for your chiropractor to be able to determine if spinal manipulation is safe. Without specific knowledge of the conditions you have or had, he or she cannot make an informed decision about the safety of continuing care. Be sure that the chiropractor is aware of all existing medical conditions and history of injuries or surgeries. Also disclose any complications that your may have encountered after surgery.

Talk with your orthopedist or primary physician.

Before seeking care from a chiropractor after back surgery, it is wise to speak with either your doctor who performed the surgery or your primary care physician. Having this physician’s approval in a written letter can be of great help to your chiropractic team and allow all the doctors giving you care to communicate with each other about the safety and frequency of chiropractic procedures.

Wait an appropriate amount of time to recover.

If your surgeon or physician tells you not to return to normal activity right away, chiropractic adjustments are most likely not safe at that time. Make sure that there has been an appropriate length of time between your surgery and your chiropractor appointment; rushing adjustments and spinal manipulation after surgery could lead to further damage or injury. Even after an appropriate length of time has passed for your to return to normal activity, you and your doctor should discuss this specific procedure.

When deciding to seek care from your chiropractor after surgery, it is a prudent practice to first seek advice from your surgeon and physician involved in your care. In this way, you and your chiropractor can be sure that the adjustments performed are only beneficial to your health. If you have had back surgery and are wanting to seek care from a chiropractor, call a back pain doctor in Baltimore, MD today for a recommendation of how to proceed with this treatment.



Thanks to Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab and Chiropractic for their insight into chiropractic care and back surgery.