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Chiropractic Tips for Back Pain

Chiropractic Tips for Back Pain
February 06, 2020 / By medadmin

Chiropractic Tips for Back Pain

If there is one part of the body that many people tend to have problems with at some point or another, it must be the back. Many people accept back pain as a regular part of everyday life and try to get by with it and move past it as best they can. However, chiropractors are medical professionals who specialize in spinal health and the musculoskeletal system. An understanding of human anatomy from the chiropractic point of view reveals that back pain isn’t something you have to live with. Treatment from a knowledgeable and experienced chiropractor can help substantially, but you can also do specific things to help yourself. Here are some helpful back pain tips.


Watch how you bend and lift

Poor bending and lifting techniques are a frequent cause of lower back sprain and strain. It is crucial to use the proper form when lifting heavy objects. Regardless of what you are lifting, try to keep your back upright and straight while using your legs to do most of the work. When people get tired, they tend to use their legs less and less. That can easily lead to a back injury. It’s also critical not to twist your body when you’re holding a heavy object. If you must turn in this situation, move your feet to the point where your body is facing the right direction.


Get proper and adequate nutrition

Although many people don’t consider optimal nutrition an essential component to good spinal health, it can be. Drinking a lot of water to maintain hydration and eating healthy, nutritious foods will help to keep the weight from accumulating around your midsection. Carrying excess weight in your abdomen causes a physical imbalance. That imbalance pulls on the muscles of your lower back all day long. If you carry extra weight in your stomach region and suffer from back pain, adjusting your diet to drop excess weight could reduce the burden on your back.


Perform sensible exercise

Exercise is a critical part of optimal health for a variety of reasons. It’s also an easy way to injure your back if you don’t know how to exercise correctly. Whatever type of exercise you choose to engage in, be sure to take the time to warm up beforehand and cool down when you’re finished. 


Avoid prolonged sitting

People sit far more than in the past. Many jobs require long hours sitting at a computer, and it is well-known that a sedentary lifestyle can take a hefty toll on your health. Your body is designed to move, so when you sit at your desk all day long, the discs in your spine get compressed. Understandably, you may not be able to switch professions. However, you can get up, move, stretch, or walk around a little periodically during the day to take the pressure off. 


If you’d like more back pain tips, have a question, or wish to have a chiropractor address your back or neck problem, contact a chiropractor or back pain doctor in Baltimore, MD.


Thanks to Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic for their insight into chiropractic care and tips for back pain.