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Chiropractic Medicine Can Treat Different Types of Pain

Chiropractic Medicine Can Treat Different Types of Pain
June 19, 2019 / By medadmin

Chiropractic Medicine Can Treat Different Types of Pain


Pain is all too often treated with addictive drugs by regular medicine. Chiropractors offer an alternative by treating some of the underlying causes of pain in the body. Manipulations of the spine and extremities can provide relief for several types of pain.

Back and Neck Pain

Perhaps the best-known use of chiropractic medicine is to relieve back and neck pain. Our lifestyles, posture, and previous injuries can all contribute to these conditions, and better spinal alignment can help relieve it. In addition to manipulations, your chiropractor can recommend exercises to help maintain your posture and spine health between visits.


Pain running from the lower back through the buttocks to the legs is generally caused by problems with the sciatic nerve. A disk in the spine which is herniated or bulging is frequently the cause. Spinal manipulations can often relieve this symptom.

Arms and Hands

Many aches, numbness, tingling, and other symptoms in the arms and hands are actually coming from misalignment of the back, neck, shoulders or other regions. Those who type for hours a day, like writers, developers, programmers are at risk, and so are musicians. Musical instruments often place severe strain on the arms and hands due to overuse and awkward positions.


As with the arms and hands, shoulder pain comes from a variety of conditions, and can sometimes be caused by misalignment and tension elsewhere in the body. A systematic chiropractic treatment can help relieve pain regardless of the source.

Arthritis-Related Joint Pain

Arthritic joints are often stiff and painful. Chiropractic care can improve outcomes for patients with arthritis by improving circulation and nerve function.


Headaches stem from a number of complex causes. Muscle tension caused by misalignment is a leading cause, and chiropractic medicine can help. Your cranial bones can also become misaligned, and light manipulations around these regions are effective at relieving headache pain.

Sinus Pain

You may not think about chiropractic care for chronic sinus pain, but it can be an effective part of treating the underlying causes of sinusitis. Chronically inflamed sinus cavities may benefit from chiropractic techniques that relieve the inflammation and clear the sinuses.

Bowel Pain

The bowels are also affected by the state of the nerves radiating from the spine and all through the abdomen, and bowel symptoms that have not been helped by traditional medicine might be relieved by chiropractic care. Patients have reported relief from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) after treatments.

Regardless of your pain symptoms, your neck and spine’s alignment is key to maintaining and improving your health.