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Chiropractic Care For Pregnancy Pain

Chiropractic Care For Pregnancy Pain
December 10, 2018 / By medadmin

Chiropractic Care For Pregnancy Pain

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Many women who have been pregnant know the feeling all too well: you wake up one morning and there is unexplained pain that you had not felt the day before, whether it’s a headache, lower back pain, pelvic pain, or shoulder pain. Often, pregnant women think that they must turn to expensive procedures or invasive treatments to help with their pain, and they often don’t have the ability to take certain types of pain medication because it could risk damage to the baby. Chiropractic care for pregnancy pain offers relief that is non-invasive and does not use drugs, providing mommies-to-be with a safe alternative to pain relief.

Can I receive chiropractic treatment while I’m pregnant?

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether you can, in fact, receive chiropractic treatment when you’re pregnant. The answer to this is yes! All chiropractors are medically trained to work with pregnant women and find the best form of treatment unique to her.

In fact, if you are looking for chiropractors who specialize in prenatal care and pregnancy wellness, you might see the below designations along with their practice:

  • Member of ICPA that reflects a special interest in pregnancy wellness
  • CACCP, reflecting that the chiropractor is certified with ICPA and has advanced and specialized training
  • Webster Certified, showing that they are trained to work with pelvic balance during a woman’s pregnancy, and
  • DACCP, is a diplomate with ICPA that reflects the most rigorous form of training and the highest level of advanced training in caring for pregnant women and children

When caring for pregnant women, a chiropractor will take great care to use techniques that do not put unneeded pressure on her abdomen, and they might use an adjustable table to help support a pregnant woman’s body.

Why might I need a chiropractor?

There are a number of reasons you might need a chiropractor during your pregnancy, including:

  • Pelvic changes
  • Adaptations to your posture
  • Pain in lower back
  • Headaches
  • Increase back curve
  • Protruding abdomen
  • Pelvic balance

A chiropractor can help relieve your pregnancy pains by realigning your spine and re-balancing your pelvis. These adjustments are safe and gentle and will typically comprise exercises, stretching, and different massage techniques.

In addition to the pain from a changing body, it is also important to receive chiropractic care because it can help get your baby in the best position for your delivery. Breech or posterior positions can interfere with the birthing process and cause complications, and a chiropractor can help ease your labor and avoid C-sections.

What should I do next?

If you are struggling with pregnancy pain and unsure of what non-invasive or non-drug treatments are out there, call a chiropractor to receive a consultation and set up your appointment and learn more information about visiting a chiropractor when you are pregnant.