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Can Hair Transplant Help After an Injury Accident?

Can Hair Transplant Help After an Injury Accident?
August 05, 2019 / By medadmin

Can Hair Transplant Help After an Injury Accident?

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Serious car accidents can change a person’s life forever. Innocent parties who were simply at the wrong time and the wrong place may have gotten into a collision with a dangerous driver. It isn’t uncommon for victims of car accidents to suffer from head injuries. If damage was done to the person’s scalp, then hair transplant may be an essential component of their recovery plan. While the costs may not be covered by insurance, it can be listed in the victim’s list of financial damages to file in the personal injury lawsuit against the offending driver. It can help a car accident victim feel more confident about themselves after such an accident, if they can restore the hair they lost due to the traumatic event. 

Personal Injury as Tort Law

In legal terms, personal injury lawsuits fall under the category of tort law. Tort is viewed as a civil wrongdoing, in which someone commits an act and it harms another who was innocent. For example, a careless driver that causes an wreck may be held responsible for helping the victim recover through paying out in a settlement. For victims who sustained a head injury and need a hair transplant, they can seek compensation for this treatment costs. 

Anyone who is in a related predicament such as this, may want to consult with a legal professional for advice. Car accident injuries can be costly, and the offending person must face the repercussions of his or her actions. 

Hair Transplants for Injury Scarring

Car accident victims may have scarring that resulted from the head wound. By law, scarring is recognized as a lifelong injury, as it can not only be painful physically, but it’s a reminder of the traumatic event. Both physical and emotional wounds can be left behind after a serious car accident that left the individual with hair loss. 

If the scalp kept a good about of normal skin thickness, the area should be able to absorb a hair transplant successfully. Not only can the hair transplant help with baldness, but improve the scarred area too. The only concern would be whether the skin graft would grow in scarred tissue. It can be a challenge to attain the same quality of hair as before, but it can still help the victim combat baldness. 

Preparing for the Hair Transplant

Victims may want to undergo a scalp advancement procedure before having the hair transplant done. If the person has hair with many directions of flow, scalp advancement may leave an observable scar behind. But, the hair transplant can them match these hair directions and offer a more attraction solution. Specifically, a follicular unit hair transplant does well where there is scalp scarring. A doctor can go over with the person about what type of hair transplant can yield the most successful results. Every person is different, so getting a consultation with a doctor who performs hair transplants is often the first step towards scalp hair recovery.


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