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Can Chiropractic Help With Vertigo?

Can Chiropractic Help With Vertigo?
March 21, 2020 / By medadmin

Can Chiropractic Help With Vertigo?

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Due to the vast range of positive implications, Chiropractic therapy has long been a popular choice across the globe for many in regards to health problems. Chiropractic care helps patients with many physical issues in a very sustainable and efficient manner, including vertigo. For some specific types of vertigo, chiropractic therapy works excellent and, therefore, has become one of the most highly sought-out therapies. If you are having vertigo issues, your chiropractor will take you through some initial assessments to diagnose and trace the vertigo type before they treat you. Find out more about how chiropractors can help patients with different types of vertigo problems here! 

Chiropractic Manipulation

The approaches chiropractors take while treating vertigo are, by and large, dependent on the symptoms of vertigo. That being said, one of the approaches is to adjust the joints in a way that can help moves the bones properly. If any faulty motion patterns keep happening in the upper neck section, there is a high chance that it will convey inaccurate information to the brain about your body movements and positions. In such circumstances, a very simple adjustment of bones done by the chiropractors can help you get the problem fixed. 

Positioning Maneuvers

If the issue is related to the inner ear, there is a fair chance that the chiropractors will perform an action called Epley Maneuver. It helps reposition the dispositioned bony particles in the inner-ear area so that they move properly and function optimally. In addition to this, some exercises with specific targets to the vestibulocochlear system can be introduced as well.

Dietary and Daily lifestyle

Your chiropractor will talk to you about the dietary system that you follow and the physical activities you do on a daily basis. They might go on to know whether you consume nerve-stimulating substances or not, for example- tobacco, alcohol, caffeine etcetera.  Besides, they might extend the query to know about the physical activities that you do most. 

Upon having a complete understanding of these, chiropractors might suggest you to bring some changes in your everyday lifestyle, for example – meditation, relaxation, sleeping and more. Following those, you might get to a better state with your vertigo.

Physical Exercises

In treating vertigo, your chiropractors will not be confined to the above-mentioned approaches only. Depending on the situation, it might get you into some physical exercise as well. 

The Brandt-Daroff technique is one such renowned exercise in this arena. It will require you to sit on the side of your bed and then flop one side, back upright, for a certain interval followed by the other side. 

Thai chai exercise is another practice that is highly recommended by many chiropractors nowadays. It helps you to focus on your body balance and movements by getting into some slow and controlled movements.  

Finally, since you know the noninvasive approaches a chiropractor takes in order to help you with vertigo, it is high time you reach out to a chiropractor to resolve the condition with chiropractic in Mesa, AZ and achieve your desired health condition! 



Thanks to LifeCare Chiropractic for their insight into chiropractic care and treatment for vertigo.