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Balancing Triathlon Training With Parenting

Balancing Triathlon Training With Parenting
May 24, 2019 / By medadmin

Balancing Triathlon Training With Parenting

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When you have kids to take care of, practicing for a triathlon might seem impossible. From preparing their meals to helping them with their homework, you have little time to do anything else. While it may be easier for someone without kids to train for the triathlon, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you. If you are willing to make some adjustments, you can successfully train for the triathlon and take care of your kids at the same time. Here’s how:

Wake Up Earlier

Waking up while it’s still dark out might be a little difficult at first, but it can help you fit in your training before your kids wake up. Give yourself at least an hour or so to work out before you get your day started. It’s helpful to set out everything you need the night before, such as your clothes. You should also try to go to bed a little easier so that you won’t wake up groggy.

Work Out With Your Kids

It’s possible to be active with your kids at the same time. For example, if your child plays soccer or another sport, do some training during their practices. Instead of talking to the other parents on the bleachers, jog around the field while your child practices. This allows you to be there to support your child and get in your training at the same time.

Ask Your Spouse for Help

When your spouse isn’t doing anything, ask him or her to watch the kids as you practice for the triathlon. Then, offer to watch the kids when your spouse wants some time to do his or her hobby. If you are a single parent, you can ask your mom or perhaps a good friends to watch over your littles one as you train.

Exercise in Your Living Room

Training for the triathlon doesn’t have to involve running, biking or swimming every time. Other types of exercises can still increase your strength and endurance, helping you get ready for the race. There are many YouTube videos these days for all sorts of workouts, including kickboxing, strength training and yoga. You can perform these exercises from the comfort of your own living room and keep an eye on your kids.

Utilize Your Slow Cooker

When your kids come home from school, they will be hungry and want something good to eat. However, cooking can take time away from your training. That’s why it’s a good idea to utilize your slow cooker as often as possible. You just throw some meat and veggies in there and let it do its magic. There are a ton of slow cooker recipes out there, so your kids won’t have to eat the same things all the time.

As you can see, it’s possible to find time to train for the triathlon, even if you have kids. If you need assistance preparing for the triathlon, consider hiring the best triathlon trainers offers.