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Back Facts to Keep You Active

Back Facts to Keep You Active
February 24, 2019 / By medadmin

Back Facts to Keep You Active

Back Pain Doctor

The majority of people will develop low back pain at some point in life. In fact, low back pain is so common it is the leading cause of work absence, doctor’s visits, and disability worldwide. Bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, discs, blood vessels, and nerves all connect to the spine, increasing the complexity of accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain in Adults

The most common causes of low back pain can vary from younger individuals versus older adults:

– Young and middle aged people (15 to 60 years old) are more likely to experience back pain from the disc itself (i.e. lumbar disc bulge or herniation), from poor posture, from injury, from scoliosis, or from straining a low back muscle.

– Older adults (over 60) are more likely to suffer from pain related to joint degeneration (such as osteoarthritis or spinal stenosis), disc degeneration (spondylosis or osteoarthritis), or from a compression fracture.

Bottom Line: Nothing can slow you down faster than a bad back. It can be difficult to exercise, play sports, or even get to the grocery store when your back hurts. Age, lack of exercise, excess weight, improper lifting, and too many hours sitting can all result in low back pain. Research has shown that over 80% of people will experience back pain at some point in their life. The good news is that researchers have also found that chiropractic care can not only help get you back on track after an injury, but could also help prevent future episodes of low back pain from occurring.

Why it Matters: Your spine is a marvel of engineering and design. Curves in your neck, mid-back, and low back distribute the load of gravity just like Roman architecture. The spinal discs act as a natural shock absorption system that is both strong and flexible. And winding its way through it all is our spinal cord and nerve roots- the magnificent communication system within our body. Keeping your back healthy is much more important than just avoiding aches and pains. A stable and supported back is essential to maintaining a high quality of life. Here are a few take away points:

– The nervous system is protected and housed within your spinal column as it travels to and from your brain to body

– Back pain is often caused by the muscles or discs of the spine

– Chiropractic care has been shown to help over 90% of people find relief from back pain while also providing a statistically significant improvement in function

Next Steps: Doctors can assess the “health” of your spine through x-ray and a physical exam looking at range of motion, strength, and posture. By periodically checking your spine, a back pain doctor trusts can help you take a pro-active approach to your spinal health. Research has shown that maintenance chiropractic care can help evaluate, detect, and prevent future episodes of low back pain. And, as you now know, spinal health is directly associated with living your best life!