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Are Referrals Necessary for a Chiropractic Appointment?

Are Referrals Necessary for a Chiropractic Appointment?
June 26, 2019 / By medadmin

Are Referrals Necessary for a Chiropractic Appointment?

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If you’re experiencing chronic neck or back pain, then odds are you’re going to visit your primary care physician first. This is just natural. Most of the time, doctors will prescribe painkillers, diagnostic tests and often more invasive procedures. In other cases, a physician may refer you to a chiropractor. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have a referral, but the truth is that many patients do have referrals from doctors to see chiropractors. If you’re wondering if you need a referral, however, the answer is normally that you don’t.

See a Chiropractor Right Away

You don’t often have to wait to see a chiropractor. If you experience back pain, you can make an appointment with a chiropractor as soon as possible. You may need to look for chiropractors that are in your insurance network, but you don’t need a referral to see him or her. In fact, you can make a call to a chiropractor and have the diagnosis and treatment in the same visit. Often, when you see your primary care doctor, he or she will have to go through diagnostics first and probably won’t have a treatment plan ready for you right away. When you visit a chiropractor, you have answers quickly and treatment as soon as you can fit it in. Often, it is in the same day.

You Don’t Have to Check In With Primary Care Doctor

When you see specialists, you may have to go back and forth between the primary care doctor and the specialist to discuss your treatment. With chiropractic care, it isn’t invasive and you are not put on any prescriptions. This means that there is no interference with any other medical treatments that you’re undergoing. Of course, it’s important to speak to the chiropractor about any medications you are on or any conditions that you have. Some conditions can alter your treatment plan.

You Don’t Have to Get an Insurance Referral

Most chiropractors will see you without referrals from doctors or insurance companies. It is as easy as calling the office and making your first appointment. You don’t have to jump through hoops or deal with waiting forever for an appointment.

When it comes to seeing a chiropractor in Baltimore, MD, the process is not complicated. In fact, it’s relatively simple. While some people choose to see a primary care doctor first, you never have to have a referral to see a chiropractor. Most will see you without a referral from the insurance or doctor. To book your first consultation, call a chiropractor’s office today!



Thanks to Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab and Chiropractic for their insight into chiropractic care and referrals.