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9 Discussions You Can Expect During Couples Therapy

9 Discussions You Can Expect During Couples Therapy
January 07, 2020 / By medadmin

9 Discussions You Can Expect During Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can be uncomfortable. However, if you go in with an idea of what to expect, it might alleviate anxiety. Here are nine general issues that you might encounter:

1. History & Growth

A therapist will likely want to cover you and your partner’s childhood and prior romantic relationships. You’ll probably discuss if you’re on the same track regarding psychological and emotional growth, as well as changes you would like to make.

2. Family & Children

Counseling will usually explore family dynamics, relationships with in-laws or stepchildren, and attitudes toward child-rearing. If you and your partner had similar or different upbringings (different countries, cultures, religions), a therapist could help reconcile inherent conflicts.

3. Professional, Recreational & Social

Romantic partners who are in business together often have a hard time separating work from personal life. You might also discuss your individual and shared social lives and how you both like to spend your free time together.

4. Living Arrangements

Therapy may address home issues like the fairness of household responsibilities and similar attitudes toward pets. If you live separately and it is a point of conflict, a counselor could help bring you and your partner to a satisfactory arrangement.

5. Compatibility

The possibilities for compatibility contention can seem almost endless. Some common themes include:

  • Finances
  • Religion and spirituality
  • Health and hygiene
  • Hobbies

Therapy can help you find common ground or agree to disagree.

6. Daily Interactions

Counseling can work to uncover subconscious daily interactions that might be undermining your relationship. Sensitivities to each other’s differing beliefs can lead to daily clashes, major or minor. You and your partner may need to reconcile an unbalanced power dynamic, who makes more money, who handles essential decisions and how you both perceive the relationship.

7. Sex Life

Openly discussing sex can be a challenging conversation, but may pave the way to mutual satisfaction and enjoyment. If there are issues regarding sexual orientation or gender identity, a therapist could help you and your loved one navigate the waters.

8. Overcoming Problems

Examples of problematic situations that could threaten the life of a relationship are:

  • Psychiatric disorders or major illnesses
  • Substance or behavioral addictions
  • Infidelity

Each of these circumstances, and many others, could benefit from professional counseling.

9. Future Planning

Most successful relationships seem to have an eye on the future, and an agreement on what that future is. If you and your partner are having trouble discussing retirement, financial preparedness for the unexpected, or practical arrangements (funerals, medical directives, wills, etc.), a therapist can remain objective and help you hash out these issues.

Discussing many of these things can be tricky, but If you feel your relationship can benefit from couples therapy, like a couples therapist in Palatine, IL, make the call today.


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